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awesomepatricia's Profile Picture
Patricia Garcia (CrossFire)
Artist | Student | Other
I love PIZZAH!~ :D

:bulletred: Current Residence: Not Telling. And is unwelcome to stalkers
:bulletred: Interests: Gen. Rex, Transformers Prime, Ben 10/Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, Hetalia, Caesar~~ ♥ , Knockout~♥
:bulletred: Favorite movie: Transformers [all of them]. The Avengers, Ben 10: Destroy all aliens
:bulletred: Favorite band or musician: Orange, FM static, Breaking Benjamin, All American Rejects, Train, We the Kings, Green Day, Avril Lavigne, One Direction, Katy Pery, Boys like Girls, Scissor Sisters, Simple Plan, Auburn, Ke$ha
:bulletred: Favorite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Metal. Punk Rock, R & B
:bulletred: Favorite artist: MAN OF ACTION!
:bulletred: Favorite poet or writer: L.J. Smith, Michael Scott
:bulletred: Favorite style of art: Awesomeness
:bulletred: MP3 player of choice: Any~
:bulletred: Skin of choice: :devilish:
:bulletred: Favorite game: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Game, Generator Rex: Agent Of Providence
:bulletred: Favorite gaming platform: X-box, PSP
:bulletred: Favorite cartoon character: Knockout, Starscream, Megatron, SoundWave, (other TFP Decepticons), Optimus, (Other TFP Autobots), Caesar Salazar~ ♥ ♥ Rex and other Gen. Rex characters (except: White Knight :lmao: )
:bulletred: Personal Quote: You scratch my paint I scratch yours. Buff off~

Journal History


Special: Since this chapter is the Book one finale, I'll do it from different points of view. Anyone can tell the story. It will be irritating at times, yes. Especially CrossFire's . . . 'fun' way of telling the story; Enjoy and maintain your sanity!

CrossFire: KnockOut watches me while I maintain in sleep mode. He doesn't know that the annoying part of me in sleep mode is that I am self aware. I can hear and see anything that goes on outside of me. My body is the only one resting. Though, I can't decide whether KnockOut watching me while I sleep is sweet or creepy.

A moment later, he yawns and flexes. Damn. I feel like he knew I could see him. Scrap, I feel like I could die in my sleep. He was just so hot . . . then it was all black. I didn't remember much, I could just hear my heartbeat racing . . . then stop. Did I just die?


I saw my father. I couldn't believe I could see him; all along he was just an irritating voice in my head forcing me to do things.

"Hey, dad," I said, waving. We seemed to be in a dark void. I looked down and there was no ground, just darkness, I looked up, and it seemed to be roofless. Well, I'm used to the darkness, I was born in it.

My . . . stepfather . . . Primus also seemed to be communicating with his daughter, SonicWave too. I'm not there, so I'll let SonicWave tell it now.

SonicWave: Optimus and I were scouting Energon. I didn't really want to come; I just wanted to be with Optimus. WheelJack came over and he's playing Lobbi with Bulk. Bumblebee's out patrolling with Arcee and Ratchet was left to babysit Jack, Miko, and Raf. Good luck to him.

We just discovered a mother load of energon, when I suddenly blacked out. What just happened? Then I saw a light. It was bright and blinding and it covered everything. Everywhere I looked it was white. A void of white space,
Then, I saw my father. He was . . . bigger than I last remember. "Hello, father" I greeted.

"We must protect Optimus Prime, Daughter." He said. "Do not let him leave your sight, I will help you."

I just nodded. I get to be with Optimus, this is the best day ever. I suddenly winced in pain, CrossFire must be hurt. Back to her;

CrossFire: I woke up. Though, it felt as if I wasn't there. Yes, I was awake; I could see KnockOut. By the All-Spark he was sexy . . . and in my face. I bet he was checking if someone was home. Starscream does it adorably . . . is he in the background? He is. And so are Megatron, SoundWave, BreakDown, others, and a couple of Vehicons . . . and Steve. I hate Steve. Don't know why. Just do.

Why are they here? Where am I? Sick Bay . . . ?

Oh, scrap. They must have thought I died—KnockOut. What is he doing? He's leaning in closer to my face. He must have noticed my optics lighting up . . . though violet? Primus, he's so sexy.Kissmekissmekissmekissme, now!

Starscream: Ugh, that KnockOut. Who does he think he is? I do not even posses the proper Medical expertise to figure out that CrossFire is now deceased. Though, I wonder how she passed away. Probably a drug KnockOut has given her. I never appreciated him or his work. Does he think he could revive her by just leaning in closer to her? That never would have . . .

KnockOut: Is she awake? Only a few hours ago she was lifeless and dead like Cybertron, or we Decepticons if Starscream would attempt to sing. Just his voice, it sounds like a human dying. Her optics began to glow violet, she looks prettier that way.

"She's alive," I announced as I graciously descend and face my Decepticon brothers. I bet Starscream is pissed.

Starscream: . . . worked? What?! How could have that worked? Yes, I am truly grateful that she is not one with the All-Spark, but . . . KnockOut merely stared at her face. She was attractive. But how could have that worked?! Or perhaps luck just played a trick tonight.

CrossFire: Why you not kiss me? I could feel my heart race as I sat up and glanced at everyone in the room.

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"Funny thing, really," The hot, sexy mech answered. "About seven hours ago," He turned to me. "You were pronounced dead."

I looked at him, and to the others. "I wouldn't have expected it to be this boring at my memorial." I laughed silently. "Liven it up! Who are you gonna wake? Me? I'm dead. Well, seven hours ago I was."

Then I fell silent. I suddenly, really, wanted to kill everyone in the room. I stood up. "What are you looking at you peasants," I snapped and pushed all those who stood in my way; the voice of my dad echoed in the back of mine. I hate it when he makes me all pushy.

"But, CrossFire, I still need to check on your vital statistics." KnockOut began, BreakDown nodded in the background. "It could be a—"

"I am perfectly fine, Modus. You are a great physician along with your butler, now get out of my way or your head will be in my hands before you could even think of saying another word."

What did I just say? Did I just snap at KnockOut? I just snapped at KnockOut.

BreakDown: Did she call me a butler? Who is Modus?

Starscream: I am never more attracted to CrossFire than I am now.

CrossFire: Starscream seemed to like me snapping at KnockOut. Wait, Starscream is in the same room as Megatron? Maybe Starscream begged for mercy and Megatron was stupid enough to actually fall for it. Anyway, let's see how sis is doing, I'm gonna get caffeine.

SonicWave: I see a light. Oh my Primus, did I just die?

". . . Follow the light," Ratchet said, moving his flashlight slowly from side to side in front of my face. Ratchet shouldn't be helping me revive 'that way.' Whether or not I am dead, I'll think I am. I blinked rapidly.

"What happened to you?" Optimus asked.

"Do not be afraid, comrades." I said—in my father's voice. Awkward. They all gave me looks, not good ones. Maybe they're wondering if I am a mech in a femme's body. Or what happened to my voice while I blacked out. Wait, how long have I been unconscious? But I couldn't control myself, dad was taking over me.

They started to back away, Optimus stayed though. Then, he took a step back. "Do not leave Optimus,"

He obeyed. Lol;


He sat down on the ground, on Ratchet's frame welder.
"Optimus I . . ." Ratchet began, stammering. "Needed . . . that . . ."

He slouched.

"Do not move."

Optimus stopped blinking. Poor him.

CrossFire: "I . . ." Yeah, I sounded like myself again. "I'm so—I do not apologize to peasants like you!" Half way through my sentence, dad controlled me again. I should go now. And I did. I couldn't believe this was happening.

Steve: After CrossFire's 'memorial' I went back to work. I was with some other Vehicons. We walked side by side and as we turn a corner, we find the hallway stained with the Energon of more Vehicons. They lay on the floor, piled up on one another, lifeless like a ragdoll. There were more than thirty dead Vehicons at least. And all their sparks were ripped from their spark chambers. It was brutal. Who could have done this?

I turn around because I feel a chill down my spine. And I see CrossFire appearing out of the gloom.

"Lieutenant CrossFire," We greeted in sync, saluting. "Have you any idea what could have—"

She walks toward us, her eyes glowed a bright purple and I could feel my energy draining.It was unimaginably painful. It felt as if someone was burning me from the inside. The pain just intensifies each movement I make. My fellow Vehicons seem to be experiencing the same. We dropped to the ground, trying to scream out in pain. But the pain was so intense we couldn't even moan anymore.

This is the end of me.

The last thing I saw was CrossFire's eyes, glowing purple, and the Chaos Bringer's face reflecting.

Steve, and two other Vehicon's life signature went offline

CrossFire: Awe, frag. My head hurts. I rub my hand against the back of my head. Dad was never a mech who liked others. He would often threaten them. Megatron is still hates my dad ever since the last time he shut him down. Not worthy to weald my life force he said. I bet Megatron got pissed off that I, a rebellious femme who doesn't even respect Unicron, became the bearer of his spark. Lawl.

I winced in pain. Something felt wet. I looked around and saw spilled energon. Somehow, I ended up in my hanger; the walls and floors smothered and stained in energon, but the energon closest to me was Dark. Did I just feast of a mother load of Energon? I bet I just did. Megatron barges in to my hanger and points his cannon at me. It made a whirring sound when it started up.

"Hey,"—I raised both my hands in the air—"Hey, hey, man? What do you think your doing?"

Megatron snarled at me. "I was the Rising Darkness—which the Prophecy speaks, not you,"

Oh, Jarhead is jealous of me.

"Dude," I chuckled and stood on top of my berth. I was still barely leveled with him. I noticed his cannon still followed me. "You failed. Yes, the Prophecy spoke of a Cybertronian who possessed the life force of Unicron. But, guess what: you never possessed his life force. You just thought you did when you found a scrap of Dark Energon I misplaced when I crash landed on this rock." When I saw Megatron's pupils dilate, I couldn't help but sneak in on what he was thinking.

CrossFire has hijacked Megatron's thoughts: Flashback;

"Lord Megatron," Starscream said as I walked toward him. "I have found what you have been searching for,"

I walked passed my second-in-command to find a crater, and at the center of it was a huge chunk of Dark Energon. Where could it have come from? Perhaps, it is destiny leading me toward the right direction: To be the heir of Unicron, the Chaos Bringer, and become the Darkness Rising in the Prophecy.

And yet, ironically, SoundWave reported that the humans have seen sightings of a spaceship moving beneath the clouds. Also a crash of what they said was a stray, inactive, nuclear missile. And CrossFire—the somewhat true heir to Unicron's reign—appeared almost seven days later, twenty miles from the Dark Energon sighting, in a arena in Jasper, Nevada, five miles away from the said Crash sight . . .

CrossFire has ceased hijacking Megatron's thoughts.

"Yeah, you could hear his thoughts and see a fragment of your future. Though, I found it hilarious when you didn't see me in your supposed future." I paused for a moment. "Though, you have betrayed us and extinguish our spark. Not to mention: side with a Prime!"

Megatron was shocked; he didn't expect me to know that. If your father tells you bedtime stories, mine tells me about war, and now he is telling me about how Megatron planned to destroy him.

Then, I saw a very vivid and HD vision of what could become the future. Me, standing on the deceased body of Megatron, in my fathers Spark Chamber; my sister wielding her Star Saber and mine my Dark Star Saber. We were just about t battle to the death.
Megatron stared at me, his cannon lowered as he slowly stepped back. What was going on? I stopped and looked at myself; I was on fire, the purple flames danced on me.
Unicron manifested himself in me, when I talk its dad's voice echoing loudly in my own voice.

I hung my head, and when I blinked my optics turned purple and a flame of the same color shrouded my eyes.

"The reign of Megatron shall end today,"

SoundWave: Megatron's life signature just went offline. I rechecked my system. He's signal remains offline. What had just happened? I checked each room, through my surveillance system. So far Megatron was just last seen . . . in the hallway, filled with the other dead bodies of Vehicons. Somehow, I couldn't trace when Lord Megatron had died. The last footage of him, alive was when he headed toward Section sixty-two of the Nemesis, then, he was dead in the hallway.

SonicWave: I was being controlled by my father; I typed in some coordinates and pulled the lever on the ground bridge.

"Optimus," I said, still sounding like Primus. "Do not leave or move."

CrossFire: "Where did Starscream go?" I asked KnockOut, trying to hide my face; because if I'd look at him, I might kill him.

"Megatron kicked him out after your memorial," He said, staring at me. Though, I just continued to hide my face. "Why did he come here in the first place?"

"Megatron, told me and BreakDown to inform Starscream, of your death. Then, the former second-in-command decided to come over until your memorial was over. And it ended when you resurrected."

"I didn't die, really . . . ," I admitted. Might as well let the mech know what was going on. Before I could tell KnockOut, a splitting headache hit me. Oh, Primus, it hurt like Hell. I dropped to the ground on my knees, squeezing my head between my hands. I couldn't hear KnockOut's worries over Dad's voice in my head.

No one shall be aware of my awakening! And those who are desperate enough to find out shall perish under our wrath!

Hasn't he heard of asking nicely? The headache suddenly disappeared and I rose to my feet.

"On second thought," I rubbed my hand against the side of my head. "I'll not tell you. Uh, where is the ground bridge again?"

Vehicon: I ran toward KnockOut, Lieutenant CrossFire just stepped into the ground bridge before it disappeared. "KnockOut, sir," I said.

"What is it?"

"There are at least forty seven Vehicons dead in the hallway of Section sixty-five,"
Sir KnockOut didn't seem to care. "Including Lord Megatron, sir"

"What?!" He exclaimed in shock.

"Also, the Dark Star Saber is missing from storage."

(((Still not over. Sorry for all the stops it's really long, FAV me,  COMMENT, And WATCH ME!
Help me out? Please~:… ))))

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